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Every startup has 3 problems in common


Every startup has 3 problems in common

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Our goal is to structure your company in financial, commercial, legal and marketing issues so that you have all the tools and knowledge that investors are looking for to invest.

If you and your company have all the necessary aspects in place, when the time comes to expose yourself to the sharks, the probability that they will invest in your business will be very high.

featured UPVIEWERS

featured UPVIEWERS

Dr. Alfonso Cahero is an internationally recognized financier and businessman. He is the Chairman and Founder of Cahero Holding, a global business conglomerate.

He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of London, his master’s degree in Finance (MSc Fin.) from the Rome Business School and his doctorate in Economics and Finance (PhD Eco & Fin.) at Charles University in Prague. He did his specialty in Financial Technology (Sp. Fintech) at Harvard VPAL. In 2003, he founded Cahero Capital and Cahero Construction through which he started funding large scale and large impact projects. In 2009, he also founded Cahero Real Estate expanding the construction infrastructure.

Alfonso Cahero became a successful international financier, as he formed companies around the world. He became the Chairman and Founder of Cahero Holding in 2013, a conglomerate of companies with a global presence in a wide range of technology and infrastructure industries. All his companies were consolidated under Cahero Holding which now has its HeadQuarters in Dubai and offices in Monaco, Miami and Mexico.

In his new book, Dr. Cahero identifies the fears that commonly prevent entrepreneurs from moving forward—fears of failure, of the unknown, of the expectations of others, and the artificial limitations of the past. Through research, purposeful practice, and conversations with other leaders, he shares a framework readers can use to defeat those fears and live in a more coherent and fearless way. His new book equips readers with a mindset to push past the fears that may be limiting their ability to live fully and well

Khalifa BinHendi is an Emirati entrepreneur playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the UAE community. Khalifa plays a strategic role in enriching the UAE’s social and economical scenes.

He manages several home-grown and international businesses based in the UAE across different sectors such as Retail, Aviation, Real Estate, Sports & Hospitality. 

Sultan Abdulmohsen Al-Qahtani is the CEO of the Saudi conglomerate Borouj Al-Khozama Company and a board member of several of its portfolio companies. 

Mr. Al-Qahtani has more than 20 years of Investment, Economic Development, Logistics, Real Estate, Industrial, Education, Healthcare, Regulations Development and FMCG experience gained from reputable companies.

In his current role at the Saudi conglomerate, Burouj Al-Khuzamy, Sultan is leading a multi-million dollar investment portfolio in specialized educational services with a focus on technology that aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030.

Prior to joining Borouj Al-Khuzamy, Mr. Al-Qahtani worked with a number of companies in the field of medical, educational and investment in real estate for 10 years as a manager and partner. Mr. Al-Qahtani succeeded in leading the launch and growth of the largest sectors mentioned, In addition to his current role.

Mr. Al-Qahtani holds the following positions:

Partner and Borad member of Thara Al-Watan Company Ltd.

Partner and Board member of the Modern Field Company for Medical Services. 

Partner and Board member of Al-Andalus Cosmetics and Detergents Company. 

Partner and Board Member of Qiammah Thalatheen Co. Ltd.

Partner and Board member of Barcode Advertising Co. Ltd.

Partner and Board Member of Al-Thaghr Company for Commercial Investments. 

Partner and Board member of Al-Thaghr College of Technology and Training Company.

Partner and Board member of Orginka Environmental Services.

Partner and Board member of Nano Tech Co. Ltd.

An investor in the NUARIS App.

Investor with Clean App.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi-Iraqi Business Council.

Top Advisor to H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Faisal Al Saud.

Is an Emirati entrepreneur with several endeavors and who holds the position of Bridging Director at Meratti, an Emirati holding that specializes in structuring, branding and connecting their clientele to innovative and sustainable creative solutions.

Matar is recognized for his skills and ability to attain resources worldwide as he comes from a very influential family from Dubai.
Matars knowledge and access helps many businesses and investors secure essential and profitable business ventures in the region.

Melanie Mohr is a serial entrepreneur with 20years of experience in media, marketing and mobile tech and six years in the web3 space.

Melanie serves as an advisor and advisory board member of various blockchain dedicated funds and technology companies like CVlabs, Crypto Oasis, Hashed, Moralis Web3 Technologies, STEP.app and of H2, the prestigious tech network from Sillicon Valley. She is one of the top senior advisors at the renown global consultancy firm Roland Berger and their Crypto Economy expertise.

Francisco Perez Gonzalez brings an impeccable and successful track record in several business verticals as a trusted HR advisor in multinational corporations around the globe. Working closely with his clients and partners, Mr. Perez Gonzalez has cultivated a diverse method of expertises that allow for him to play an important role as a trusted advisor in M&A’s, IPO’s, early stage companies as well as offshore operations, particularly operations that are run and managed by family offices and high net worth individuals. 
Currently Mr. Perez Gonzalez is a trusted advisor to family offices around the globe, he advises them on how to expand their international reach and utilize their human capital to increase the value of their portfolio companies and take them to their highest levels.
Mr. Perez Gonzalez has served as an advisor to several ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices. His role is solely focused on providing his knowledge, expertise and experience in human capital, corporate growth and strategic alliances.
Mr. Perez Gonzalez focus spans in advising, screening and recruiting candidates for strategic consulting roles, middle management and executive positions. His clients include; portfolio companies for ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and private equity funds who have presence in the hospitality industry, real estate holdings, manufacturing, the tech industry (i.e. fintechs, ed-tech, AI, Autonomous vehicles, Augmented reality, Food-tech, Ag-tech and IoT) as well as certain aspects of the health and wellness industry.

Thomas Nørøxe is CEO for JOE & THE JUICE where he joined the management team in 2019. Prior, he was a Partner with Valedo Partners, a Stockholm based middle-market private equity firm, where he was involved in consumer- and technology companies including JOE & THE JUICE from the time when Valedo Partners became a shareholder in 2013. He was a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman for the Audit- and Risk Committees before joining the management team.

The career began at UBS Investment Bank in London where he was a Director at the time, he left in 2009. He holds a M.Sc. In Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


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the 2 stages of our program

Entrepreneurship as a Unicorn: 10 weeks where you will meet and learn the key points that investors are looking for to invest.

Direct to the Tank: At the end of each program you and the other participating startups will be exposed to high-level investors ready to invest.


You will learn everything a company needs to raise capital.

Direct to the Tank: At the end of each program you and the other participating startups will be exposed to high-level investors ready to invest.

the 2 stages of our program

Entrepreneurship as a Unicorn: 10 weeks where you will meet and learn the key points that investors are looking for to invest.


You will learn everything a company needs to raise capital.

María Paula Charry Mejía

María Paula Charry is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and mentor in communication and marketing of the Colombo Arab accelerator, Upview Ventures. She is also a strategic partner and angel investor in several companies.

Professional in Social Communication and Journalism with emphasis in marketing from Universidad de La Sabana.

She has been a consultant in different national and international companies, such as startups, artificial intelligence companies, mass consumption, education, transportation, robotics, fashion, among others; in which she has contributed in the diagnosis, creation and development of marketing strategies to accelerate the growth of companies. On the other hand, he has accompanied rounds of capital raising in the process of creating promising Pitch Deck.

She has been a judge, speaker and mentor in different entrepreneurship programs in organizations and events such as INALDE Business School, Universidad de La Sabana, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Startup Weekend, Five Festival and Escuela Superior de Guerra.

She began her career as communications manager for the pharmaceutical company Bayer for the Andean region and coordinated for two years the communications of the traditional International Festival of Sacred Music of Bogota.

Gentil Charry Bonillla

As the Legal Manager at Upview Ventures (A Colombo-Arab Accelerator). In this role, I provide comprehensive legal expertise and guidance to the organization. Additionally, I serve as a mentor, assisting companies in proactively addressing and resolving legal matters.

Prior to joining Upview Ventures, I held the position of Director of Private Security at esteemed institutions such as the DAS (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad) and renowned banks including BBVA, Bancafé, and Banco Nacional de Comercio. Furthermore, I have worked with various private enterprises, lending my legal support and expertise.

In addition to my extensive experience in the legal field, I have also been involved in legal processes related to capital raising during investment rounds.

Drawing on my diverse background and knowledge, my objective is to ensure legal compliance, mitigate risks, and provide strategic legal counsel to empower the growth and success of companies associated with Upview Ventures.

Juan Pablo Albán

His professional career has been forged in the business management and strategic marketing environment. He has a solid background as a Business Administrator from Universidad ICESI, supported by a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing from EAFIT and a certification as a Professional Mentor from Universidad de los Andes. With more than a decade immersed in the financial, fintech and ecommerce fields, he has led significant challenges in key areas.

His experience has focused on brand positioning, the introduction and transformation of digital products, and the formulation of digital marketing strategies. He has contributed to business development and expansion, applying consultative selling techniques in both corporate and startup environments. His specialized focus has been oriented towards financial modeling, crucial for the conception and execution of effective business strategies, either to drive sales growth or to raise capital in various lines of investment.

Germán Gálvis

Germán is a Business Administrator from Universidad Externado de Colombia, with a specialization in Finance and Project Evaluation and a Master’s Degree in Energy Management. He has been a Financial Consultant in entities such as Banco de Occidente, Carbocol S.A., Minercol Ltda. and United Nations. On the other hand, he has been an expert in company valuations for more than 20 years.


He will be visiting our offices to bring joy to our entrepreneurs. Remember that our facilities are pet friendly.



If you are selected, a percentage of your company will be negotiated.

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Undoubtedly, this is one of the best proven ways in which startups like yours have managed to raise capital to overcome the main barrier of any new business.

You and your company will have all the knowledge and key points that are necessary in the real market for constant leverage, growing sales and proven financial models to be sustainable over time.



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  • Face-to-face sessions with our mentors and external advisors to practice and correct a sales pitch.
  • Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring to polish every last detail of your company.
  • Access to our network of allies to enhance your knowledge.
  • Face-to-face sessions with our mentors and external advisors to practice and correct a sales pitch.
  • Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring to polish every last detail of your company.
  • Access to our network of allies to enhance your knowledge.
  • Face-to-face sessions with our mentors and external advisors to practice and correct a sales pitch.
  • Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring to polish every last detail of your company.
  • Access to our network of allies to enhance your knowledge.
  • Workspaces in our offices in the T Zone to generate collaborative work.
  • Constant support and backing in all aspects that involve the growth of your company.
  • Discussions with successful international entrepreneurs

They are now part of the pack!

Company name: 2FIT BRANDS

Description: is a US-based company founded by Latin women specializing in healthy keto-vegan
snacks. They stand out in the market for offering Certified Kosher and Gluten-Free options and sell their products nationwide.

Industry: CPG (snack/grocery)

Upview Review: UPVIEW has proven to be exactly what we needed as entrepreneurs. While
juggling various responsibilities within our company, we lacked experience in certain aspects of day-to-day operations. With UPVIEW exceptional mentors, we gained valuable perspectives and formulated both short-term and long-term growth plans. Their extensive network and ability to
stay attuned to global trends and the ever-changing world has been immensely beneficial in
understanding and effectively targeting our customers.

Nombre compañía: Beep App – DVPE Ti Ltda
Industria: Saas / Child Safety / Logitech / TransportTech

Description: Beep is a company that acts as a mediator between parents and school drivers,
allowing parents to accompany their children in real-time, bringing more convenience and safety
to school transportation.
Upview Review: Working with Upview has been wonderful for us. They have opened many doors
and provided us with valuable financial and marketing advice that we have implemented. We
remain strong in this partnership.

Company Name: Aptitude
Industry: HR Tech
Description in 10 words: Aptitude is a tech platform streamlining competency analysis in minutes.

Upview Review: Our engagement with Upview has been truly remarkable. Their team resonates with our vision and has been instrumental in restoring our confidence in the trajectory we have chosen. They provided invaluable guidance in transforming our product into a thriving business, and their ongoing support remains pivotal in driving our local and international expansion efforts forward.

Company Name: Workcango.co
Industry: FinTech and marketplace
Description: The #1 platform for entrepreneurs in Colombia. Sell, hire, and leverage your project!
Upview Review: An excellent acceleration program where I was able to grow professionally with my venture. Thank you to the mentors and advisors who supported me throughout the growth process with their knowledge and project structuring. I highly recommend it to all entrepreneurs looking to scale their ventures.

Company name: Aeroskylab.LLC
Industry: Perimeter Security
Description: Offering the first automated solution for security and monitoring. Utilizing advanced technologies such as drones, robots, and AI algorithms with Machine Learning, our innovative system revolutionizes the way security is achieved.
Upview Review: We highly commend the program and mentors for their exceptional dedication, extensive expertise, and unwavering commitment in their respective fields. Their guidance has successfully equipped us as entrepreneurs to confidently present our project to investors, allies, and partners in the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Their close collaboration with us has been instrumental in attaining our goals.

Company Name: Loomi
Industry: CPG (Baby/Children Food)
Description: Loomi specializes in healthy food for babies and children.
Upview Review: Upview has provided invaluable support to Loomi, serving as an indispensable resource for our entrepreneurial journey. Recognizing the complexity of achieving success, particularly in terms of comprehensive knowledge, Upview has played the role of an invaluable mentor, guiding us towards exponential growth. Their guidance has been instrumental in our pursuit of excellence and sustained progress.

Company Name: Coachteen
Industry: Education
Description: Coachteen is an esteemed online educational platform dedicated to enhancing the capabilities and nurturing the talents of young teenagers, empowering them for their future university and professional endeavors.
Upview Review: Every entrepreneur needs mentors. As an educational startup, COACHTEEN received timely support from mentors and experts during the UPVIEW VENTURES acceleration program. They shared valuable experiences that helped align our team and refine our processes and objectives as we strive for continuous growth and the consolidation of our value proposition.

Company Name: Ají del Rancho
Industry: CPG (condiment/seasoning/salsa)
Description: We offer natural hot sauces with exotic Colombian flavors.
Upview Review: Upview has been a vital strategic partner within Colombia’s business ecosystem and beyond. Their invaluable support has granted us access to influential distributors and mentors, enabling us to define a clear path for our company’s growth and development.

Company Name: Ancestors Coffee
Industry: Agribusiness
Description: We export the best 100% Colombian coffee to provide a unique experience and each cup becomes a true coffee pleasure.
Review Upview: During the process with Upview we were able to organize aspects of the company such as the financial and commercial aspects. We worked on the restructuring of the brand into Ancestors Coffee.

Company Name: VENKI SPORTS
Industry: Training and Skill Development
Upview Review: The experience I have had with Upview has proven to be immensely valuable, impacting not only my business endeavors but also my personal growth. Their methodology provided me with the tools to simplify and refine my business model, enabling expansion into untapped markets. Furthermore, their mentorship program has bolstered my entrepreneurial credibility, validating latent skills and strengthening others. I extend my gratitude to Upview for their unwavering support.          -Manuel Santos, CEO of VENKI SPORTS.

Company name: Majos art
Industry: Fashion/Art (t-shirts and personalized garments)
Description: MAJO´S t-shirts with exclusive designs by the girl designer Maria Jose Uribe
Upview Review: Majo is extremely appreciative during and after the program. Upview’s guidance has provided us with valuable knowledge to take our company to the next level. Above all, we are grateful for the confidence they’ve instilled in Majo to demonstrate on social media that there are no limits to pursuing what we love. Thank you for your invaluable assistance and belief in our potential!

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